You’re Reading About What?


I greatly enjoy reading about the most random topics one can imagine.  I get great enjoyment from the reaction others give when I share what I am reading.  I am that person who checks out the book at the library no one else will.  I have experienced the scenario in which a dreamy guy came up to me in London and asked what I was reading… was about an English baby killer.  Aside from that scenario, I am never embarrassed by what I am reading.  Here are my go to guilty pleasure topics and selections!

Royal Bedroom Behavior

My absolute FAVORITE thing to read about is the sex lives of British royals.  I. CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. I do not know why.  I cannot explain the reasoning.  I do not remember the first time I ever picked one up.  I cannot say how I was introduced to it.  All I can say is that I cannot get enough.  Here are some recommendations:

Learn more about historian Eleanor Herman here.

Medical History

This year I have been reading alot of books connected in some way to the medical world.  Not sure what spurred it but it happened.  I have no complaints here because it has been fascinating!  Here are three of my top picks:

Bellevue by David Oshinksy was a fascinating exploration of American history with Bellevue as the focal point.  I had no idea the important role that Bellevue hospital played in the development of modern medicine.  I highly recommend it if this is your thing. I also recommend Polio: An American Story.

Radium Girls by Kate Moore was eye-opening. The horrific situation that these hard-working women faced was utterly heartbreaking.  The legal and medical hoops that they were forced to go through in order to seek justice was ridiculous.  It is worth mentioning that their medical conditions are descriptive.  I normally am not effected by things like that but this one got to me.

All I can say about Imbeciles is that the fact that this is a part of my nation’s history is an absolute travesty.

True Crime

Sometimes even I get worried about how much I know about serial killers and true crime.  I can rattle off more facts than you would ever care to know.  Am I ashamed?  Not really but I do get concerned sometimes.  I do not focus only on the staple serial killers. I read about them all.  However, I am selective.  I do not read Ann Rule or any of the other dime store paperbacks.  I do have some sort of standard; not that I can really spell that out.

Baby Killers

Remember that scenario where I had to show a dreamy guy in London the baby killer book I was reading?  Here it is!  Yes that is the cover as he saw it.  I found this book in a used book shop in London. I, of course, could not leave it behind.  Yes it was incredibly difficult to read but nonetheless I learned alot about our social history. I learned about baby farming and how unwed mothers were forced to deal with their babies.




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