A Bookish Bucket List


We all have those books that follow us around.  They are begging to be read.  The description in their book jacket clearly state that they are perfect fit.  They have been waiting, oh so patiently, for the day that you will finally devour their pages.  Each year you say to yourself “this is the year”.  However, another year flies by and the book still waits.

Here are some books waiting patiently on my book shelf:


Book Description Link

This book has easily been on my bookshelf for seven years.  I have picked it up at least four different times.  I still have a makeshift bookmark between the pages of my last failed attempt to read it.  I am not intimidated by the page count; a paperback copy is over one thousand pages.  The magic and fantastical plot line do not bother me.  I can handle magic.  Heck it is set in England!  It has all the pieces that would normally  intrigue me.  Yet, there it sits.  For seven years.


Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my obsession with the British monarchy.  I absolutely adore the royals.  My adoration is so great that some people are shocked that I still have not read this.  There is no great reason as for why this book still languishes in my TBR list.  I just have not reached the perfect time to devour  this definitive source on Queen Elizabeth II.  Long live the Queen!



This is another book that has languished on my bookshelf for an unreasonable amount of time.  I have read a few of Joyce Carol Oates books; mind you they are either novellas or short story collections. She will always be the author that I really want to be obsessed with but I am still not sure if it will ever happen.

Here is a snapshot of some books wasting away on my bookshelf!


I would love to know what books reside on YOUR Bookish Bucket List.  Please share in the comments!





One thought on “A Bookish Bucket List

  1. My next book will be The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was gifted to me by you and is one of your top ten favorites! Looking forward to finally reading it!

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