Wait. You HAVE NOT read that?


We all have books that we are ashamed to admit we have not read.  Folks…I am no exception.  I have many books that I really want to read but, for whatever reason, I just have not yet.  I can even think back to conversations and interactions with people in which I have spoken about books I have not read as if I have read them.  Prime example is this one:


Description for Wonder

Yes. I spent several years as a youth services librarian.  I am fully aware that this book is incredible and powerful.  This is the kind of book that changes people.  Kiddos love this book and are excited to talk about it.  Did I talk about Auggie with them like I have read and loved this book too?  ABSOLUTELY.  First, I would never turn down the opportunity to talk books with a kiddo.  I will always engage them in conversation when they want to talk to me about books.  Second, am I ashamed that I have not read this book yet? ABSOLUTELY.  Guess I better get on that!

I like to think of myself as an old soul.  I love old, vintage books.  I have a history degree.  I would love to spend a week back in time as an American twenty something in the 1940s.  Some of my favorite books as a kid were the classics:

So what classic am I ashamed to say that I have not read despite making others believe that I have?


I know the story.  I know the characters.  I have seen a few movie adaptations of this classic.  I love the episode of Friends where Rachel gets Joey to read Little Women. I have even read historical fiction based around Louisa May Allcott.  Can I be bothered to read it?  Nope.  Will I ever read it?  Probably not.  Will I continue to lead others to believe that I have read it?  Yes.

So the next bookish embarrassment will raise some eyebrows for some readers; especially devout YA readers.  It is confession time.

I have not read any books by Rainbow Rowell.


Have I spent time as a young adult librarian? Yes. Did I encourage teens to read Rowell.  YES!  There is no doubt in my mind that I will love her books.  I know how incredibly powerful and legendary her young adult books are. So many people rave about her work with me.  I am always reluctant to admit to others that I have yet to open Eleanor & Park. I dare not “fan girl” over Fangirl with enthusiastic Rowell fans.  The day will come when I go to my local library and check out my very first Rainbow Rowell book.  I would love suggestions from you on which book that should be.  Please share your suggestion in the comments!

There are plenty more books that I am reluctant to admit I have not read.  Who knows. Maybe I will unload my bookish burdens in future posts.  Feel free to unload YOUR bookish burdens in my comments!


7 thoughts on “Wait. You HAVE NOT read that?

  1. Holy cow lady, I am telling you Read Rowell!! If I had your address I’d be sending you Fangirl and E&P right now! Please! And I’ve only read Little Women for the first time this year, and I struggled Lol! Loving this blog girlie 🙂


  2. I tell everyone how much I love Jane Austin. I’ve only read “Sense and Sensibility”. But I’ve seen a lot of movie adaptations of “Persuasion”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Mansfield Park”, and “Sense and Sensibility”. I even own all the books! Only read one. But I love love love Jane Austin. Maybe what I really love is in the movie “Pride and Prejudice” when Darcy is walking across the field in the morning dew with his shirt undone, with his long black coat and black boots, and the music playing in the background. Oh do I love Jane Austin!


  3. Yet to read To Kill a Mockingbird. Now that the prequel is out, it’s an even better time, right? I have a unique objective perspective that few have on it. Loving the blog. Sharing now . . .


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