Empower Kiddos with these Books!


Want to teach your kids how to embrace their quirkiness?  Want to encourage your kids to be themselves?  Want to ensure your kids that their talents can lead to GREAT things.  In honor of National Picture Book Month lets explore these amazing books by Andrea Beaty.  You will be so glad that you did!

I adore these books.  They are so empowering and original.  They are perfect for kids of all ages.  I read Rosie Revere to a classroom full of fourth graders.  So many different conversations can populate from their pages.  For example, Rosie Revere can easily divert to a history lesson of WWII and the original Rosie Revere along with the evolution of flight.  They are absolutely delightful rhyming stories and such a joy to read out loud.


Rosie, Iggy and Ada are all in the same classroom.  Their differences, niches and interests tend to make others laugh at them and view them as weird.  Their drive and dedication tend to make them feel like an outcast. By the stories end, each learns a valuable lesson.  Check out this valuable lesson that Rosie learns:


In their own way, each book shows what comes from demonstrating tenacity, intelligence and determination.  They show that our quirkiness sets us apart from the rest of the class in a great way and it will lead to so many great things!


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