You Should Read Celeste Ng



So I discovered a new author in 2017: Celeste Ng.  Holy smokes is she amazing.  Such an absolutely beautiful voice in the fiction world.  I just get goosebumps thinking about her subtle brilliance.  She has a quiet power in her writing which includes diversity and family secrets. Her novels are intricate and include so many moving parts.  I must stress that all of those moving parts do not make for a complicated and overwhelming novel.  They make for a perfect immersive reading experience.  You settle in and let the powerful beauty overtake you. She is who you should be reading people.


I read Little Fires Everywhere this past weekend.  Upon finishing it, I have been thinking of how to write this post.  I knew I wanted to recommend it but I was trying figure out the best way to write a “review”.  I decided to cover my bases and just recommend Celeste Ng as an author!


I listened to the audio version of Everything I Never Told Me.  Wow.  That was such a powerful book.  I feel bad that I cannot really give you more details about why I liked it but some things are just not meant to be put into words.  I fear that telling you what elements appealed to me will give away too much.  All I will tell you is READ IT.

Here is I chose to read Little Fires Everywhere.  I felt it was best to pour an adult beverage and settle in for an enjoyable reading experience.


This is me after I completed Little Fires Everywhere.


I just wanted to give it a big hug.



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