Celebrate National Picture Book Month with Jory John


One of my favorite picture book authors is Jory John.   The main reason is because I think his books are hilarious for people of all ages.  He takes many elements of traditional story books and puts a modern twist on them.  As a youth services librarian, I greatly appreciated this.  I did not like reading traditional story books to kids.  I wanted to exude personality when I was reading out loud.  Jory Johns books are the perfect vehicle for that.  They allow readers to put their own spin on it.  They provide the perfect outlet for uproarious laughter from all listening.  Simply put.  I do not get bored reading them over and over.  Each time I read his books out loud I add something new.  Some classic stories get boring after being read multiple times.  In the case of Jory John’s creations, with each new audience, something new will shine through.

Penguin Problems

I first fell in love with Jory John with Penguin Problems.  I remember randomly purchasing it for my library collection because the cover drew my eye.  I mean how can one not be drawn to a cover filled with adorable penguins?  When it arrived at the library I read it, laughed out loud and then proceeded to read it out loud to my co-workers.  I then shared it on social media because I wanted the world to know of the sarcastic brilliance that is Penguin Problems.


I cannot rave enough about Penguin Problems.  It is a book that I will always remembering reading.  It will always be funny to me.  I should probably just buy my own copy so that I can read it when I need some cheering up.  I will share my favorite part of the book now. Let me set the scene, one of the many penguin problems mentioned is that everyone looks exactly alike.  How the heck are penguins supposed to find anyone?


Quit Calling Me a Monster

When I read picture books out loud to kids I am LOUD.  Heck. The age of the audience does not matter.  No matter who is listening I am going to do all I can to make it an awesome reading experience.  So yes.  I am loud.  Beware of my growling.  Beware of my roars.  Beware of my screams.  With that being said, Quit Calling Me a Monster has all of the ingredients for a perfect Jamie read-a-loud.


Speaking from the viewpoint of the monster, it is not fair to call me a monster just because I have sharp teeth.  It is not fair to call me a monster just because I am hiding beneath your bed.  It is not fair to assume I am a monster just because you think I look scary.  So stop calling me a monster! It is a delightful story book experience so you should read it.

Goodnight Already

Jory John is at his childish sarcastic best with this story book.  Better yet, it is a series!  This was my introduction to Duck and Bear in this series.  It has a special place in my librarian heart.  Let me set the scene for you.  All bear wants to do is go to sleep.  He is so very tired!  However duck is being a pesky neighbor and keeps bothering him.

9780008101343-4 Geez duck!  Goodnight already! Duck is clearly distracting bear from getting his rest and it is quit amusing.


The Bad Seed

This is Jory John’s newest picture book.  It still has its charm but it is not a new favorite of mine.  All you need to know about this one is….yep he’s a baaaaaaad seed.




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