Audiobooks and Long Walks


Indiana has been fortunate enough to have some beautiful weather for early December.  I took advantage of such weather and my local park and went for a walk. It is moments like this that the technology of today enhances walks.  With phone and earbuds in hand I was able to listen to a book and photograph my walk.  I had never walked this path to the end.  Not being fully aware of my town and its surroundings I got a surprise.


Apparently there is a small lake and dam that I had not idea about.  Mixed with the warm sun, a slight Fall breeze, solitude and the sound of a dam in the distance I feel even more in love with my small city.  It is filled with beauty, great restaurants, personality and lovely shops.  I recently left a difficult job so I have had lots of time for some soul searching as I seek my next career adventure.  Despite job offers out of state I decided that to settle in to my little city and enjoy my new marriage.  While it is difficult and scary to face several big life changes in the matter of a few months the simplicity of walk has the ability to ease the mind for a bit.  Admittedly, I am very hard on myself.  It is a rare moment where I feel 100% at ease.  This walk was one of those rare moments.


I walked an empty path, listened to an audiobook, observed nature and let my mind be EMPTY. 24740634_765641368127_1727328842_n

It was bliss. Fall is my favorite season.  I love the crisp feeling in the air.  The colors.  The crunching sound of leaves on the ground.  It has always been my favorite. On this particular walk I enjoyed watching the ducks in the river.  There were many living the duckish life that day.


If you have been introduced to the wonder of audiobooks I encourage you to give it a try.  It was a difficult transition for me; I will admit.  On two different occasions I remember trying them out and not going back.  I began listening to podcasts and nonfiction audiobooks.  At this point I could not listen to fiction audiobooks because I could not stay focused.  Now, my preference is fiction.  It was a big surprise to me because I really fought against listening to my books.  I was a staunch traditionalist when it came to reading.  Now I would be absolutely lost without my audiobooks.   It was key to allowing me to empty my head and take in the beauty around me.



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