Our Little Book Group


Part of being bookish is associating with bookish communities.  I do that in a few different ways.  One of those ways, and my favorite, is through my book group which is simply called ‘Our Little Book Group’.  I became a part of this group through the persistence of a past colleague of mine.  I did not join until after I had completed my graduate degree.  School work did not leave much time for pleasure reading.  I also did not feel right about committing myself to a group like that when I barely had time to read.  Once I submitted my final assignment joining ‘Our Little Book Group’ was one of my first acts.

What I love about this book group is its simplicity.  While there is required reading it is broad enough for you to fit into your reading comfort zone.  Do not get me wrong.  I do love challenging myself with my reading but I also want my reading freedom.  I do not want to feel bogged down with reading obligations so if I can ease in required reading it will more likely be accomplished.  Let me go back and explain the logistics of the group.  At the end of the year each member submits their top five books of the year, their bottom three and the sole mandatory reading for the year.  To give an idea of the kind of  required reading we do, this year we had to read a National Book Award winner.  We also read from the top reading list provided by each member we must select one book from five members top five.

Because of my book group I read the following books this year when I otherwise may  not have.


I will admit that I had already planned on reading The Nix by Nathan Hill and A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.  However, with the review from my book group I did not push back reading them.  Many books have languished on my TBR so getting the bookish blessing from my fellow readers encourages me to get to reading them!

I am excited to see what my fellow Our Little Book Group members will choose as their top five.  I am excited to see if my fellow members chose to read any of my top five from 2016.  I am anguishing over what will be my top five for this year because I had such an epic reading year this year.  I struggled to choose a top ten let alone naming a top five!

If you are a bookish person I encourage you to find other bookish people to surround yourself with.  They will challenge you to read new things.  They will bring new things to your attention.  A member of Our Little Book Group is the reason I read  The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  This was long before I joined.  I remember she kept pushing me to read it.  For months I remember she would tell me to read this book.  However, I am very stubborn.  Finally, after much persistence on her part I read it.  It is one of my all time favorite books.  You know who you are my fellow bookish person.  Thank you for all of your recommendations and for bringing me into Our Little Book Group!


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