My Fantasy Loving Husband



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My husband is a reader.  Yay!  I always hoped that I would fall in love with a reader.  However, his reading preferences are very different than mine.  He is an audio book listening, graphic novel collecting and fantasy enthusiast kind of reader.  Basically he is the complete bookish opposite of me.

When I first met him I hated audio books and loath sci-fi/fantasy books.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get into audio books.  I always saw myself as a book traditionalist.  Science fiction and fantasy are my least favorite books of all time.  I cannot wrap my head around things that are pretend.  I do not have the patience for world building.  I remember reading The Hobbit in high school.  The funny thing is that I actually had my choice of other books to read but decided to challenge myself (foolishly) and chose The Hobbit.  Big mistake.  I skimmed and skipped pages but Tolkien was still talking about those rolling green hills in Hobbit world.  Still gives me nightmares all these years later.

This is a hobbit flipping the bird which I found appropriate since I hate The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

My hubby loves the world building, elves, wizards, space, and all that stuff.  All things that make me wince in confusion because I cannot fathom any of these things.  Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the appeal.  Reading is an escape from reality.  What better place to go then to a world that does not exist?  I totally get the appeal.  The odd thing is that I really want to be into fantasy.  Not the fantasy of my hubby’s choosing which is intense and 40 plus hours long on Audible.  I want to be able to get through YA fantasy because I think that there is some really great reading that I am missing out on.  I am determined to find my perfect YA fantasy fit but I really question if it will happen.

The first year of my relationship with my now hubby he was listening to The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

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I loved how excited this series made him. I loved when he would talk to me about them.  There are many books in this series and they are narrated by James Marsters which impresses me because he is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I can get on board for vampires and other traditional monsters but not elves and other fantastical creatures.  I joked with him that he had a hard on for Harry Dresden.  He would quote Harry Dresden. He would take every opportunity to bring Harry Dresden into conversation.  Harry Dresden dominated the first year of our relationship.

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He has always been all about Brandon Sanderson and his series The Stormlight Archives.  Brandon Sanderson is his absolute favorite fantasy writer.  Apparently Sanderson is the best but I am not the right person to determine this but I will take his word on this one.  He has been waiting an ungodly amount of time for the third book in The Stormlight Archives.  Maybe that is why I don’t read fantasy.  The waiting!  They are pretty much all series and I do not have the patience to wait years for the next book.  My hubby is an incredibly patient man which is why we are a perfect pair.  I need a man with patience in my life because I have none.  Unlike The Dresden Files, any descriptions of Brandon Sanderson novels go way over my head.  Therefore I cannot really discuss his work or why he is good or how he comes up with this world building stuff.  My hubby says that Sanderson builds worlds like no other.  I suppose that is vital to a brilliant fantasy series.

My hubby is so committed to this series and getting the most out of it that he is going back to book one The Way of Kings.  Between the length of time between book releases he needs a refresher especially with the crazy amount of characters in the series.   So in order to read the third book Oathbringer….the very book that he has been waiting FOREVER for he is listening to the first two books again.  He is estimating getting to the newest book in the series sometime in June.  Yep.  This is why I can’t do fantasy.

Below is  a perfect depiction of our little reading family.  My face prefers being inside a book but I have gotten into audiobooks thanks to him.  He listens very carefully with his phone close by with the Audible app going.




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