I Am a Book Hoarder

My name is Jamie and I am a bookoholic.  My TBR list is getting out of control.  The season is winter.  One of my greatest fears is to be snowed in without a pile of books to choose from.  I do not want just my own personal library which is admittedly growing but library books.  Sure I have a great collection at home but there is just something about going to the library, choosing some books and bringing them home to “read”.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do read…some of them.

I guess I am the kind of reader who dreams big and has reading ambitions that are far outside the realm of possibility.  Just as is true with food….my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I do not read just one book at a time.  At most I am reading four books at a time.  My usual pattern is one fiction, one non fiction, an audio book and a wild card (graphic novel, YA, etc).  I am also a mood reader which means if I am not in the mood to read something it will not be read.  For a good three months I wanted to read suspense/thrillers.  I could not get enough of the stuff but now that is the last thing I want to read. So I need a wide variety of books in my possession because who knows what I will want to read tomorrow.  So if I am going to get trapped indoors due to a snow storm….I want  OPTIONS.


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