Peaceful Reading Spots

I am a typical bookworm.  Just give me a good book,  cozy reading spot, a reasonable amount of quiet and a delicious cup of coffee… you have the exact recipe for Jamie’s serenity.  No matter where I am living I will always quickly identify my preferred reading destinations.  Show me the direction of the library and the location of a quaint coffee shop because those are the important destinations for me.  I clearly have my priorities.


I have two favorite places in my current home town.  My first is Ana’s Bread which is pictured above.  What I love about this place is the pastries, the rustic yet modern vibe, the wood-fire oven and the peaceful atmosphere.  There is a larger coffee shop in this area but it is so loud and crowded.  I am also not a big fan of their coffee.  It is not my first choice to visit for those reasons.  It still has a great coffee shop vibe but I love the simplicity that Ana’s Bread offers.  Plus….did I mention the bread and pastries?


When I first saw this chair I knew that I had to sit in it.  It was just calling out to me “Jamie!  Come sit and read on me while you drink your cafe au lait.”  I silently replied, “Of course I will!”  So this is my chair at my other favorite coffee shop.  When I walk inside I always look to make sure that it is available.  Is it sad that I want to immediately turn around and leave if someone is sitting in it? While it is tempting to do so I never do.  I need my coffee after all. However I do give the person…who has the nerve to sit in my chair… a severe glare and intense side eye.  This chair is incredibly comfortable.  It swallows you up in the best way.  If I could get away with it I would absolutely carry it out with me after finishing my coffee.

Aside from my intense chair crush this place is the perfect little coffee shop.  Not too big.  Not too crowded.  Wonderfully friendly baristas.  I am always glad to be there.  I enjoy my time there peacefully reading, drinking my coffee and loving my quality time with MY CHAIR.

Please share your favorite reading spots in the comments!  I would love to know your favorite bookish places.



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